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Suspended Lecture “Joseph Odok ” sends replying message to Unical VC calling him a demon

The challenge of breaking the yoke: The yoke is your attitude to
your problems I have always believed that it is only me that can
stop me from my life’s objectives. No demon is more influential
than the spirit of God within me. We are gods the holy Bible says
and we are created in the image and likeness of God A student of
mine in Unical once told me he can never graduate because no first
born male child had ever graduated from his village. This guy was
superlatively intelligent but lazy about giving a finishing to all he
sets to do. He wanted to do everything at all times and quickly
abandons his best initiative once he faces a little challenge. Some
of my students reading this will quickly know whom I am talking
about. He struggled to final year, he got the empathy of some of
us that became committed to assist him break the yoke. Yes we did
our best and he remained stocked to his believe that no first born
male can graduate from his village and nothing can be done about
that. Everyone including his parents were involved but he surely
fell to defeatist belief. This false belief was not because he could
not complete his program, he is a a drop out today because he
refused to try to break the yoke. I always gave him tips to
breaking the yoke but he always always believed and felt he can’t
graduate. He gave in to his false believe and the limitations he
placed on himself It’s time to share the frustrating moment of my
PhD. I finished my Master’s degree in less than 18 and was the
first to defend in my Master’s thesis in Unical 2008/2009 batch,
the case became different in my PhD. I rather spent 6 years and
some friends who were less intelligent than me surely defended
their PhD before me. Even most people that were younger in class
than me defended long before me. Example of one of such persons
is my colleague Dr. Peter Bisong who was two years younger. He
defended and got his certificate approved before me Though I took
part of my PhD study years for my law school, it surely was not the
reason for the delay. Surely there was a yoke to be broken, and
the yoke was broken not by relying on prophesies and vigils but by
a never give up spirit. This was despite huge challenges, success
came by awakening the giant in me. It takes only me to stop myself
from any obstacle, my life’s obstacles have no place in building
yokes to stop me except I give in to the yoke by not developing the
right attitude I began writing my PhD thesis very early in my
program but faced unimaginable sets back. In my first attempt, I
wrote my thesis up to my chapter four and robbers came and robed
me off my laptop. By this I lost my work and all online papers
contained in the laptop. This was quite discouraging, coupled with
saving money to buy a new lap top, I did not save my work
anywhere, I did not take to blaming this not on the devil, but my
careless. After getting a new laptop, I set to begin from the
scratch again. Half way within the work my laptop crashed. I took
it to my friend Paultu Tawo Bukie-Achu, he is a graduate of
computer science and a colleague in the department of computer
science. He said he saved the work, but after repairing the
computer, the work became corrupted. Efforts to recover the
work was to no avail, this time I was in my chapter five. I went for
a flash I had saved the work and it was damaged. Electronics are
not always reliable. Thank God before this time I had a printed
draft up to chapter three. It took me time to build courage again
until I began understanding what breaking the yoke means.
Breaking the yoke means building enough strength to overcome
one’s limitations. The strength needed to overcome this limitation
must be more than initial strength and strategy. Failure is a
boaster in my life and not a setback. Surely the only failure in life
is to stop trying I was more motivated now to break the yoke, I
needed to defend, I became hungry for a PhD, finally I finished my
work and defended. After my defense, it was a celebration day, we
began the celebration in Palladium, and ended in Montana Villa
hotel. Many friends celebrated me, Efio-Ita Effiom Nyok, Inyali
Peter, Uket Abanda, Morod Morphy, Kalita Joe Aruku, Miriam Obi,
John Owan and many other friends celebrated me. That night as I
came home, my laptop was mysteriously stolen again, my house is
well protected, there was no break in door and the windows were
untouched but the laptop was stolen. This time I was not to begin
all over again, I had both saved and printed copies of my work. I
simply laughed that the yoke is already broken, I was very
motivated this time around I set up to quickly buy a new laptop. I
contacted my friend, Philip Obim, the APC chapter chairmen
candidate for Biase LGA for a laptop. He brought the first laptop
and some buttons were not functional, I took the laptop back to
him and the buttons began functioning. I came back and the
buttons stopped functioning. We settled later for a replacement.
He made a replacement and I went to the Calabar Airport to get
the laptop. Guess what, the screen of the laptop was damaged
when I got it, hmmmmm this yoke was not ordinary, I stammered
before him in near frustration. In his kindness, he offered to
replace the keys of the former laptop. And that became the magic.
It takes a new strength and strategy to break the yoke. Success is
not for the lilly livered but the never give up

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