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Main reasons why UNICAL students don’t pass most courses

This points out the main reasons why the students in UNICAL finds it difficult to pass some major elective courses like ; Chemistry 101 & 111, Maths, Physics 101, and Biology.

Below are the reasons why students finds it difficult to pass some of these courses in the university of Calabar;

1. Poor learning environment : Poor learning environment in the sense that student are always over  crowded in a particular Auditorium or hall trying to learn a particular course and would end up not getting anything from the lecture.

2. Insufficient learning facilities : insufficient facilities in the sense that, students stands on their feet to learn due to the lack of much seats in the auditorium and the much crowd in the auditorium of which the seats in there wouldn’t be enough for all the students that are in for the particular course.

Also the absence of sound systems in the auditorium, so in that case when the class is overloaded the student don’t always hear what the lecture is trying to voice out and some student ends up not learning for that day because the lectures voice was not able to go round the auditorium.

Finally; in the university of Calabar the venues for these above mentioned courses has no electricity in all of them and with that no way for ventilation into the class so it discomforts students form learning.

3. Some selfish lectures : Some lecturers are so selfish that only God would judge them to hell, Some lecture would enter a class and decide to talk to himself and the board while the class is filled with students who are ready to learn, and after talking to themselves they would expect students to understand and write the exam with good grades.

These things I mentioned above are some obstacles behind the failure of some students in many combined courses.



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