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Ebonyi state Gov, Umahi’s Terrorist activities and his deceitful rapprochement with Abuja against APC revealed.

Now, I will share that note because it is important that the world is not kept in the dark about the dangerous trend of political events in Ebonyi. I have always insisted contrary to the claims of some of my APC colleagues that Gov Umahi has not performed well in terms of physical infrastructure, that in the light of the obvious economic upheaval of the country, he has tried. Of course, the massive corruption is evident. Trying is just in relation to some other states. I do not believe in condemning everything in the name of opposition. Neither do I believe in endorsing everything in the name of support.

Sadly, the Obasanjo administration, at the beginning of this democratic dispensation criminally attempted to change the true meaning of DEMOCRACY DIVIDENDS. It displayed physical infrastructure as dividends of democracy. But that is a fat lie! The military certainly built more infrastructure. Yet, we needed democracy basically due to our desire for LIBERTY. Where people cannot express contrary opinion, there is no democracy there. Nobody can force everybody to be in one political ship. Those who tried to stop the APC registration exercise in 2014 are the same people falling on top of each other to be noticed in the meetings of the party today. Most times, I just laugh at the folly of men of power. Today, it is APC that is being attacked. Mark my words, before 2019 APGA or even Obasanjo’s yet-to-be-understood Coalition will come out strong on the Ebonyi political scene. I will advise the killer squad to increase their vampiric appetite because there will be more blood for them to drink or more of theirs to be wasted. So Ebonyi State can never become Gov Umahi’s personal fiefdom and family estate as he now tries hard to achieve. Hungry and defeated as we may be, gallant Ebonyians must always resist that. No brute or dictator has ever ended well. Check out history. NOW THE NOTE AS RECEIVED; NOTHING ADDED, NONE REMOVED OR MODIFIED:

It is important to bring to the notice of the Federal Government, and indeed all concerned, the deteriorating and very ugly security situation in Ebonyi State. This has considerably worsened as the countdown to the 2019 general elections begin.

Over the years, the State Governor, Engr. Dave Umahi has consistently maintained that there is no APC in Ebonyi State, and there will never be APC in Ebonyi State. In secret and in the open, he has maintained a strong resolve that APC will not be allowed to operate in any part of Ebonyi State.

1. On June 22nd 2017, a journalist, Charles Otu, seen as sympathetic to the APC, was brutalized and tortured by the gang of terrorists working for Governor Umahi. A lot of efforts were made to bring this event to the attention of the authorities but the Governor was able to bribe his way through and silenced everybody.

In recent times, he has taken very concrete and dangerous steps to sustain this unfortunate and outrageous position. Events of the past few weeks lend credence to this and sooner the body count will begin.

2. On Saturday 20th January, a PDP rally was held at Obiozara, the headquarters of Ohaozara Local Government Area. There, the Governor announced publicly that he would kill anyone who opposes his second term ambition. He stated emphatically that he would “grind to ashes” and “crush to dust” anyone who opposes him or stands in opposition against him. This rally was given a full media coverage and televised live on the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA. He said that anyone who dares contest against him will not live to witness his inauguration in May 2019.

3.On Monday, 5th February, APC members holding their meeting in Ezza North were attacked, many APC members were injured and plastic chairs destroyed. This attack was carried out by the Akubaraoha Youth Vanguard and the Neighborhood Watch. These are well organized and well equipped terrorist groups created and sponsored by the Governor himself.

4. On the same Monday evening, another attack was launched against APC members in Ohaozara Local Government Area. Senior members of APC were attacked and brutalized including a former Commissioner and Governorship aspirant, a the Local Government Party Chairman.

The attack on Ohaozara which was more daring and more aggressive was led by three appointees of the Governor:
(a) Jerry Ude Aja, Coordinator, Okposi Development Centre.
(b) Ogbonnaya Ene Odii, Coordinator, Ohaozara Development Center.
(c) Igu, Coordinator, Ohaozara East Development Centre

5. Dave Umahi, by his words and actions is an enemy of democracy, a terror to freedom, a threat to the liberal spirit and a blight to the rights of innocent citizens.

It is important to note that this Governor, who has decided to kill all APC supporters in Ebonyi State, is the same man who comes to Abuja regularly to preach his support for President Buhari. This is deception taken to the levels of absurdity. Umahi cannot continue to hide a naira note using a coin. When next Gov. Umahi comes to Abuja to preach the “I love Buhari” message, he must be seen for what he is- a fake, a fraud and a counterfeit, a three-in-one deceiver who loves no one except himself, money and power. The stench of the corruption he has foisted in Ebonyi has reached the heavens. How come Abuja cannot see this?

6. Back home, Governor Umahi brags that he has bought his way through the Buhari Presidency and that there was nothing Abuja could do to him. He cites his rapprochement with the Villa officials as cases in point. These include:
(a) Being in the team of Governors who visited Buhari in London, July, 2017
(b) Joining the Presidential visit to the UN, September, 2017
(c) Visited the President and endorsed him at the Villa, November 7, 2017
(d) Buhari’s visit to Ebonyi in November 2017
(e) During the tenure of the former SGF, Umahi influenced appointments that concerned Ebonyi State. He is still trying to do it today.

That Governor Umahi infiltrated this government is a well established fact. But let it be known that a cancerous virus does not infiltrate the body in order to sustain life but to destroy it. GOVERNOR UMAHI’S RAPPROCHEMENT WITH THE VILLA IS A SERIOUS CANCER TO THE BUHARI PRESIDENCY. IT MUST BE EXCISED AND EXPUNGED.

7. The Facebook name Roy OU Nwaeze, belongs to the immediate elder brother of Governor Umahi. On a daily basis, entries are made here carefully designed to denigrate the person of Mr. President and portray him as an incompetent leader, a tribal jingoist and a religious fundamentalist. Please look this up on Facebook for immediate proof.

(i) Ebonyi people are living in fear
(ii) Dave Umahi is neither a friend of Mr. President nor APC
(iii) Investigate and unravel the truth
(iv) Something must be done.

NOTE: The Neighborhood Watch cited above is made up of cultists, vagabonds, rural bandits and known criminals. THIS GROUP MUST BE DISBANDED IMMEDIATELY.

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