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Talented Nigerians : See what this lagos based Artist uses condemned tyres to design.

This Lagos based artist, Ernest Nkwocha, sees monumental artistic beauty that has turned him into an internet sensation

We knows that creativity abounds everywhere around us in Nigeria, all you need to do to see it is look. With so much talented individuals, Nigerians have been known to surpass their counterparts both in Africa and the rest of the world whenever it comes to creativity. We are not just showcasing this abroad, we are also displaying this back home in Nigeria.

One of such talented chaps is the artist who chose to see art in wasted tyre materials, his name is Ernest Nkwocha. The Lagos based artist simply realised that there can be treasures lurking around in what other Nigerians might term wasted materials.


Ernest Nkwocha – bringing out the beauty lurked inside of wasted tyres!

Though tyres are an essential feature of a car, like everything that is subject to wear and tear, they are only useful for a period of time after which they are discarded and replaced by new ones. In other advanced climes, these worn out tyres are recycled and converted to other use.  Nigeria is not that developed to make such recycling arrangements, though a few companies in Nigeria are already making things like slippers from used tyres, most Nigerians will rather discard them as waste.

Ernest was able to identify this dearth and took full advantage of the vast material available in discarded and disposed of worn-out tyres to make his art. His art pieces from this worn tyres are used to make beautiful things that has turned him into an internet sensation where people from all over the world see and appreciate his artworks.


The treasure is finally unveiled – Finally, the art comes out!

We feels the Nigerian government should set up some recycling facility to enable the reuse of these worn-out tyres. Recycled tyres can be made into other useful things rather than throw it away in dumps to cause other environmental issues for the populace.

Check more photos of this talented artist below!


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